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Controlling Apps and Web Content on your iPhone

I recently asked a friend of mine if there was a way of blocking adult apps from the i-phone. It turns out that there are two ways of doing this, which also allow for filtering / accountability of internet use if required. It is with thanks to him that I present this information to you.
Set up Restrictions

Living Waters Conference Success in Dublin

Last weekend a team went out to Dublin to hold a conference entitled Our Journey of Grace. The conference was a great success and well received by those attending from many different denominations and streams. One of our team gives this report:

Addiction and Relapse: The FASTER Cycle

One of the hard things about working through addictions is RELAPSE. The end of the slippery slope back to the action / substance of choice be it gambling, sex, drugs, drink or something else. The following pattern has been developed working with drink and drug addicts, but I think it also has application in the arena of sexual addiction.

BT Follows TalkTalk with Activation of Network Level Anti-Porn Parental Controls

BT have finally followed the example laid down by TalkTalk a couple of years ago and added BT Parental Controls to their services. This now means that BT customers can block a fair amount of pornography from their home networks with the click of a button.

Stories from the Discipleship Week 2013

This year, as with every year, Living Waters runs a Discipleship Week.

Worth More Than Gold

Love Worth More Than GoldThis year, as with every year, Living Waters runs a Discipleship Week. This is a residential time giving people the chance to take time out to review their relationships with God, themselves and others. Every year we see remarkable transformation take place in people's lives, evidenced by the feedback and stories told afterwards.

Playing Happy Families

Happy Family Group ShotWe all have a family, but none of us got to choose them. Biologically, all of us have mothers and fathers, but we did not get to choose them either. Our families had an enormous impact on our lives as we grew up.

The Idol of Romantic Love


This Valentines Day an article about romantic love hit the BBC website, and attracted over 500 comments in the two days the comments were live. Buried near the end of the article was this statement that caught my eye:

“There is a spiritual dimension to this romantic addiction too. The philosopher Simon May has proposed that while many have given up on God in the West, we still long for the unconditional love that God used to offer.


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