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20 sessions

Falling Forward

Who is it for?

Anyone who is dealing with any form of sexual addiction.
Sexual addiction, other addictions and eating disorders, pornography, same sex attraction, fantasy, compulsive masturbation, promiscuity, prostitution, anonymous encounters etc..

How does it run?

A 20 chapter course run over weekly evening sessions plus a weekend away.

What is covered?

Sexual Addiction as false intimacy
The Pain of Sexual Addiction
Recognition and Intervention of the Addiction Cycle
Understanding the Cycle
Family Dynamics and Dysfunction
Origins of Shame and its Role in Addiction
Accessing the Power of the Cross
Effects on the Family
Healthy Relationships
Seeking and Practising God’s Presence
Spiritual Cleansing

Can I do it by myself?

No, because the accountability, the worship, the teaching and the prayer in small groups are all essential to the healing journey.
However, the workbook can be bought separately for information and as preparation for attending the course.

How do we start a local group?

Leading this course requires attendance on the falling Forward stream of our leadership training week, being able to personally fulfil our leadership requirements and involves building and training a local team. We usually suggest that you go through the course once as a team to discover the giftings in the team and to familiarise yourselves with the material and then open it to new participants after that. We like to come and do a team training day on site!

Can I sample the course?

You can by attending the Falling Forward stream of our Summer residential healing week.

  • Unfortunately, Falling Forward isn't currently available either as a course or as part of our summer residential healing week. However, in London we run The Accountability Group (TAG) which begins the process of being known by fellow Christians in the midst of our addiction struggles. See the TAG page.