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The Journey of Grace

6 months

Who is it for?

Anyone who knows their basic relationships need attention because of: Low self esteem, fear, shame, feeling fatherless, inability to commit, co-dependency, can't say "no", loneliness, rejection, stuck in unhelpful patterns, isolating, rage, self harming etc.

Also for those wanting to look at sexual or gender issues: Sexual addiction, other addictions and eating disorders, pornography, self-identified and unwanted same sex attraction, promiscuity, prostitution, misogyny etc.

The Journey of Grace follows 26 chapters and each session includes worship, teaching with testimonies and healing prayer in small groups (single sex). It runs mostly on Monday nights between September and March, with three Saturdays and a weekend away. The next programme starts in September 2015.  The dates are:

  • Saturdays:19th September 2015, 23rd January & 19th March 2016 
  • Mondays:21st September 2015 – 14th March 2016 
  • Weekend Away:31stOctober – 1st November 2015 
  • No Meetings:2nd November, 21st & 28th December 2015

Monday sessions run from 7pm to 10pm, Saturday sessions 9.45am – 5.00pm & the weekend runs from Saturday morning to Sunday lunchtime at a venue near London.

Delegates are expected to be able to commit to attending all the sessions.

What does it cost?

The Journey of Grace programme costs £630, which includes facilities hire, weekend away, manual, materials and refreshments. Payment can be made in instalments if needed. e.g:

9 x £70, 6 x £105, 3 x £210. Please contact the office for further discussion. Some people also raise 'sponsorship' from their church or friends to help pay all or part of the fee.

How can I join The Journey of Grace?

All participants must fill out an Application Form, and also attend an informal interview at the Living Waters office.

If a 6 month commitment doesn't work for you, maybe our Discipelship Week would suit you better? This runs every August and is a condensed version of The Journey of Grace with small groups twice a day and ministry in the evenings.

What is covered?

SECTION 1 In the Beginning God...

Chapter 1 Creation
Chapter 2 My Story
Chapter 3 The Fall
Chapter 4 God the Father
Chapter 5 Jesus, God the Son
Chapter 6 God, the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 7 The Cross

SECTION 2 Our Family

Chapter 8 Our Mothers
Chapter 9 Being my Mother's Daughter / Son
Chapter 10 Receiving Motherly Love
Chapter 11 Our Fathers
Chapter 12 Being my Father's Daughter / Son
Chapter 13 Receiving Fatherly Love
Chapter 14 Siblings
Chapter 15 Peers

SCETION 3 Sin and the Fall

Chapter 16 Abuse
Chapter 17 Shame
Chapter 18 Temptation & Strengthening of Our Wills
Chapter 19 The Cross & Confession of Our Sin + Generational Prayer
Chapter 20 Renouncing Idols
Chapter 21 The Cross & Forgiving Others

SCETION 4 Sexuality & Relationships

Chapter 22 Gender & Sexuality
Chapter 23 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God I
Chapter 24 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God II
Chapter 25 Reconciliation
Chapter 26 Staying on the Journey

Can I do it by myself?

You can buy the workbook for yourself and use it for private study, taking as much time as you need and receiving prayer in church or with a prayer partner / triplet or counsellor. It can also be used by home or study groups provided you include prayer ministry. See the Resources page for ordering.

How do we start a local group?

Leading this course requires attendance on our Discipleship & Training Week in August, being able to personally fulfil our leadership requirements and involves building and training a local team. We usually suggest that you go through the course once as a team to discover the giftings in the team and to familiarise yourselves with the material and then open it to new participants after that. We like to come and do a team training day on site!