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FAQs - General Information

What does Living Waters do?

Through conferences, courses and resources, Living Waters offers understanding, hope and healing to men and women dealing with relational and sexual issues (heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, transvestitism, bestiality, etc.) and also issues of gender identity. At present, the principal courses we offer are Living Waters, Falling Forward and In The Beginning (see our Courses).

Who is Living Waters?

Living Waters is made up of a Board of Trustees, three employed staff, and a wider national team of trained volunteers.

Who attends Living Waters?

Men and women dealing with relational and sexual issues. For more, see the About Us page.

Does LW only offer help to people who profess to be Christians?

No. We seek to help people or all faiths and none. However, our courses are based on orthodox Christian foundations and involve growing in personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do I apply for one of your courses?

It is possible to now apply for our courses online. For further information relating to forthcoming courses please visit our Courses and Events pages. You may also wish to contact the office for further details.

My spouse is struggling with his/her sexuality/addiction. What help can you offer them? And what support can you offer me?

We know that each individual’s healing journey is unique. Whilst we want to offer initial support, it is important that the persons themselves come to the realisation that they need help and begin to own their healing journey. We are seeking to develop more support for spouses. In the first instance you may like to contact the office to talk through your situation with someone.

Do you see people one-to-one?

Yes, we do see people for an initial assessment so as to help them generate what possible options might be available for their ongoing healing journey. We do not charge a fee for this service, yet voluntary donations are appreciated according to what individuals can afford.

Can I access Living Waters in my area?

At present, Living Waters UK operates predominantly from London. We do, however, run events and courses from time to time in other parts of the country.

Do you work across the Christian denominations?

Yes. This is a core value of Living Waters.

What are the origins of Living Waters?

Living Waters was founded in the UK through Rev Christopher Guinness in 1988. As a ministry we play a key part in Living Waters Europe (www.livingwaterseurope.com). Living Waters is the name given to the ministries throughout the world derived from Desert Stream (www.desertstream.org) which was founded by Andy Comiskey in the USA in 1980.

Will you still offer me help if I am “acting out” sexually?

Yes, we will. The two most relevant options presently available are TAG and Falling Forward (see Courses), although each person’s journey requires unique evaluation.

Do you offer anything abroad?

For information about courses and events outside of the UK, please visit the websites of Living Waters (Europe)(www.livingwaterseurope.com) and Desert Stream Ministries (www.desertstream.org).

How can I be sure that what I share with you will be kept confidential?

The procedure to maintain confidentiality is explained in detail at the onset of each of our courses. All correspondence and contact made with the office is treated as strictly confidential.

If I apply for a course does my vicar/priest/ pastor/minister have to know?

Ideally, yes, but not in every case. We generally request a reference from someone involved in your ongoing pastoral care. We are willing, however, to discuss with you who this person should be.

How do you define success and what is your success rate?

“Success” looks different for each individual and is dependent on a number of factors, such as a willingness:

  • to be prepared to press into a restored relationship with God;
  • to take a holistic approach to life and affect changes to our whole balance and lifestyle as per the Creator’s design;
  • to emerge out of our isolation, which is generally a core issue whether we acknowledge it or not;
  • to take risks in forming more authentic relationships where we are more known and open;
  • to do what we need to so as to be truly authentic before ourselves, God and others;
  • to engage fully with the course material and the process on offer and not try to approach this as something secondary in our lives.

See our testimonies page for accounts of people’s healing journeys.

What is your model for healing/restoration?

Our model for restoration is based on the belief that it is in the presence of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that we find our ongoing healing. Through spiritual disciplines and healing prayer we assist people in facing the issues that rob them from living deeply in relationship with God, and openly with themselves and others. We look to God to identify and heal the core issues behind our behaviours and defences so as to enjoy who we really are in Him.

Do you charge for your services? And what if I can’t afford the cost of what you are offering?

Yes, we do charge for services. If you cannot afford what we charge then we encourage you to seek financial help from your church, from friends, or to pay by instalments. We recognise that to take responsibility financially is a way of taking greater personal responsibility for our healing.

What follow-up do you offer after your courses?

We encourage people to be pastorally connected to their own local worshipping community. Living Waters seeks to accompany individuals along their healing journey as a resource rather than as a replacement for the local body of Christ. We work alongside churches rather than in their place.

I am not yet 18 years old. Can I attend one of your courses?

Our courses and events are only open to those who are 18 years old and above. We are open, however, to discussing situations involving minors with parents and others in positions of pastoral care.

Can I go through one of your workbooks on my own?

Some of the course workbooks are available for purchase and personal use. However, we strongly advise that materials are used accompanied with a counsellor and/or prayer partner.

Do you travel and do conferences or taster days? Is it possible to bring Living Waters to our church? Can I sample the ministry of Living Waters?

We would love to come and run a sample weekend or taster day at your church or in your local area. It is always best to experience Living Waters than to just read about it. We usually require a minimum of 40 people to attend an event but we can discuss your particular requirements. Please contact the office to discuss this further.

How can I support Living Waters as a ministry?

  • Primarily through prayer – we welcome regular intercession and enjoy hearing from you with any feedback you get from your time spent with God.
  • Through giving – please [contact|page:Contact] the office should you wish to give of your time, of your money, of your airmiles, of your resources.
  • Through service – by becoming a volunteer. [Contact|page:Contact] the office to know more.
  • Through telling others – being an advocate of our work in the church and with friends.