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In the Beginning Taster Day

A one-day event designed to be an introduction to a church, or group of local churches, interested in setting up an In The Beginning (ITB) programme locally. The day is run by Living Waters staff and tailored to your local needs.

About the Taster Day

It provides an excellent introduction to the material covered by the ITB programme, much of which may be new to even mature Christians. The day is quite experiential with a mixed variety of input and exercises helping the whole group engage.

For a church, or group of churches, the day will help those present assess the course and decide what future involvement they may want to have. We will provide advice on building a team and running a pilot programme before opening up your local ITB to the outside. Further training for local teams is available at our annual Healing &Training Week. The local team will also need to meet our Leadership Requirements.


After his ITB Taster Day, Andrew Allan, the Senior Minister of Poynton Christian Fellowship writes:

"We had 25 key people from our church together for a “Taster Day”, to introduce the concept of Living Waters and in particular look at the 10-week course “In The Beginning”.  The Leaders (Lisa and Peter ) were excellent, speaking from  personal experience of working through this process themselves, as well as taking others through it.  They were refreshingly honest, instructive, and kept attention throughout the day.

The course itself looks to be very helpful, with the initial session reminding us of how it was meant to be – the pre-Fall reality.  The rest followed a logical sequence, with the focus throughout on The Lord, and the power of the Cross.  It was good to be reminded of why we may behave or relate in certain ways, and that unresolved stuff in my life may be buried, but can still be alive.  If so, it has to be dealt with, but very importantly, in God’s timing.

All in all, a great introduction, and one we as a church intend to follow up."

Booking A Taster Day

If you are interested in booking your own taster day then please contact the office. We also offer Taster Weekends which would provide more time for ministry, greater coverage of the material and more opportunity for questions to be answered.