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Participant Testimonies


Testimonies from Discipleship Week:

Here is what some of the participants of previous Discipleship Weeks have to say about thier experiences of attending the week and the ongoing impact on their lives and walk with God.

'The small groups were amazing. The leaders were incredibly tender, loving and attentive. They showed the true heart of God towards me.' (Susan)

'God removed emotional obstacles that had been preventing me from receiving His love, especially detachment. As a result, I’m now able to experience Him in a way that I never have before - I can hardly describe how meaningful, satisfying and profound this is to me.' (Sophie)

'My relationship with God has been transformed – I now relate with my heart (as opposed to my head alone). The channels are open and I continue to be "in the flow". I see my addiction for what it is – a cover up for the emotional pain I experienced as a child; a sticking plaster, and not a very effective one.' (Chris)

'I cannot thank you all enough for your willingness to let God work through you in a week that was full of love, grace, understanding, challenge, fun and general brilliance! THANK YOU!' (Ben)

'God was reinforcing and renewing his creation of me as a man and the responsibilities and privileges that come with being a man. I don’t view myself as inferior anymore, but rather as accepted and loved completely by God.' (Richard)

Attending a Programme:

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