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The following manuals can be used either for personal study, or you can work through them with a prayer partner/s or counsellor. They are also allowed to be used for small group work although you can only use them to run a course when you have completed our Discipleship Week and been authorised to do so by us. The Discipleship Week takes place every August. 

Please send us a covering letter with your name and address along with a cheque or postal order payable to 'Living Waters'. Alternatively we can send your order with an invoice which will include details for BACS payment. You can also pay via PayPal. Our account name is: info [at] living-waters-uk.org 

'In the Beginning' 

An 11-chapter manual and workbook exploring how issues from our family of origin and peer group experience can impact our current behaviour and relationships. This forms the basis of our In the Beginning Programme. It is best worked through chapter by chapter with another person. 
Cost: £15.00 + £2.75 p&p. 

'Falling Forward' 

Manual and workbook helping address sexually impure behaviours, habitual and compulsive behaviours and some of the root issues behind them. The book covers spiritual, practical and emotional areas around inappropriate sexual behaviour and relationship patterns with practical advice and exercises to help explore difficult areas. This manual forms the basis of our Falling Forward Programme. It is best worked through chapter by chapter with another person.
Cost: £25.00 + £3.75 p&p. 

'The Journey of Grace' 

A 26-chapter manual and workbook in two volumes covering various aspects of how we relate to God, ourselves and others. These are split into four sections looking at who God is, our families of origin, sin and the fall, sexuality and relationships. The manual forms the basis of our Journey of Grace Programme. It can be used as part of a discipleship course and best worked through chapter by chapter with another person. 
Cost: £25.00 + £3.75 p&p.