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Stories from the Discipleship Week 2013

This year, as with every year, Living Waters runs a Discipleship Week. This is a residential time giving people the chance to take time out to review their relationships with God, themselves and others. Every year we see remarkable transformation take place in people's lives. Here are some stories from those who have been there about their own experiences of the week.

"I just wanted to honour the hard work and organisation taken to make such a week possible and to honour each and everyone's contribution, commitment and sacrifice.

"You have all helped to create an environment which enabled all of us to be real, open and vulnerable, to be in touch with our stories and give voice to them and so enabled us to be seen, heard and known, thereby allowing the healing presence of God to flow.

"This gift is so precious and more than the weight in gold."
Trinh from London

"The small group time was amazing, the [whole group] bonded incredibly. We shared intimate moments of our lives with one another."

"The Discipleship Week was so powerful, it has totally transformed how I deal with things. There is still a lot to do, but that's OK as God and I have a lifetime to do it....God has started to build a wonderful tapestry. I am even more grateful for the Cross and Jesus who rescued me. I had to see that Jesus shared my pain and had taken it from me. I had to see that the Cross represented our sins but also the sins done against us." 

Jenny from Watford

"For me the biggest issue was recognizing the extent to which I had...blamed God for personal suffering and the messed up state of the world. Dealing with this was massive. My divided, almost schizoid heart was laid bare to me and my wonderful small group. then the Lord moved in and restored...what seemed an impossible thing to ask at the start of the week had been more than sorted out by the end - astonishing."

Male Participant

"It was so good to have the opportunity to have prayer ministry around what I already knew to be some of the root issues with people I could totally trust. Having the security of that allowed God to start to put his finger on other areas that he'll start to deal with in me."

"For me the opportunity for real confession, before God with Christian brothers and sisters was key. The small group was amazing. I felt like I was experiencing and living in grace all week. It was great to be able to talk honestly about traditionally taboo stuff. It was important to do the week in community and was great that it was so down to earth while totally spiritual and Biblical."

Kat from Nottingham