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The Discipleship Week

1 Week (Residential)

Who is it for?

The annual Discipleship Week is a residential retreat for any Chritsian wanting to understand themselves more & deepen their relationship with the Trinity. All participants will run through a condensed version of the Journey of Grace Programme. See below for a full list of chapters.

Each day includes worship, teaching with testimonies and small groups for prayer ministry - these are single sex groups with two leaders and four delegates. The evening session includes a time of ministry as a whole group. 

There is also space each day before dinner to enjoy the outdoors, facilities or sleep! 

Attendance is training in itself although further discussion will be needed for those interested in running a Living Waters course afterwards. 

How Can I Apply?

Download and complete an application form.

When does it run?

Once a year in August. The next dates are: 

7th August - 13th August 2016

What does it cover?  

Topics covered include: low self image, anxiety, shame, feeling fatherless, inability to commit, lack of direction, co-dependency, can't say "no", loneliness, rejection, stuck in unhelpful patterns, isolating, rage, self harming etc.

It is also useful for those wanting to look at sexual or gender issues such as: sexual addiction, compulsive masturbation, other addictions, self-identified and unwanted same sex attraction.

How much does it cost? 


The Week cost £535.00. This includes excellent full board in single en-suite rooms (doubles for married couples), a copy of 'The Journey of Grace' manual + all materials. Payment can be made in instalments if needed - please contact the office.

Here are some testimonies from previous participants.


Full list of chapters from The Journey of Grace Porgramme:

SECTION 1 In the Beginning God...

Chapter 1 Creation
Chapter 2 My Story
Chapter 3 The Fall
Chapter 4 God the Father
Chapter 5 Jesus, God the Son
Chapter 6 God, the Holy Spirit

SECTION 2 Our Family

Chapter 8 Our Mothers
Chapter 9 Being my Mother's Daughter / Son
Chapter 10 Receiving Motherly Love
Chapter 11 Our Fathers
Chapter 12 Being my Father's Daughter / Son
Chapter 13 Receiving Fatherly Love
Chapter 14 Siblings 
Chapter 15 Peers

SCETION 3 Sin and the Fall

Chapter 16 Abuse
Chapter 17 Shame
Chapter 18 Temptation & Strengthening of Our Wills
Chapter 19 The Cross & Confession of Our Sin
Chapter 20 Renouncing Idols
Chapter 21 The Cross & Forgiving Others

SCETION 4 Sexuality & Relationships

Chapter 22 Gender & Sexuality
Chapter 23 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God part 1
Chapter 24 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God part 2
Chapter 25 Reconciliation
Chapter 26 Staying on the Journey