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Happy Families 2013 Conference

Happy Families? This one-day conference will be an opportunity to take a fresh look at the relationships within our families. It is often said that we choose our friends but do not choose our families. What, from our families, was good, what was hard and what are we still carrying with us today?

We very rarely stop to review our sibling relationships and count the blessings or assess the damage! There is a huge range of sibling relationships described in the Bible, so we know we are in good company. God is not shocked by our particular family story. The Church is most often described as a family with us all taking our place together as brothers and sisters in Christ – not necessarily an easy prospect. We may well find that we play out our original family dynamics here too. Dowload the Happy Families? Brochure.


Session 1: Our Family Story: the role of our mothers and fathers
Session 2: Our Unique Relationship as Siblings
Session 3: Our Needs as Children
Session 4: Our Journey of Healing

There will be worship, teaching and ministry through the day.

It will help us:

  • Find our voice
  • See things in a new perspective
  • Appreciate what was good
  • Take responsibility for our own issues & forgive others for theirs
  • Be motivated to put right any unfinished business
  • Receive comfort and healing for ourselves

To book use one of the following: 

  • Send your name, address, contact number and the church you attend to the address below along with a cheque payable to ‘Living Waters.
  • PayPal (info [at] living-waters-uk [dot] org)
  • Contact the office to pay by BACS



London Event
09:45 to 16:30
Central London (SW1) Location
£20 per person ( concessions £10)