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A core part of our ministry is based on courses with small group work.

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Each of our courses consists of:

  • worship
  • teaching from a prepared lesson
  • ministry being in God's presence
  • sharing how we really are
  • prayer in closed same-gender small groups.
  • Worship because God’s presence is the healing presence and we need to take our rightful place as creatures and children before Him
  • Teaching: because we need correct information and to apply God’s word personally to our own situation
  • Ministry: because the ground before the cross is a level playing field and we can each receive from God
  • Small groups: because we need to work out our relational issues together not in isolation and we need to be known somewhere
  • Listening Prayer: because God wants us to share our hearts with Him and not just keep up appearances

Each course will:

  • Challenge and deepen your relationship with God
  • Provide an opportunity to be open and honest with others
  • Help you to understand the roots and redemptive process of your issue
  • Give you words to describe your inner pain and losses
  • Open up the power and scope of the Cross in new ways
  • Enable you to continue on your personal journey with renewed vigour