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About Living Waters

Many of us have a back log of unresolved issues, even from our family of origin, that may still be affecting us now.

We can find ourselves meeting our God-given needs for intimacy and belonging in ways we know to be unhelpful or sinful. We may feel that our only option may be to suffer in silence - unable to control or even own our struggle. Shame and fear of rejection can mean we withdraw into fantasy or isolation - potentially living a double life to keep up appearances.


How do you feel about yourself?

  • Deep loneliness / living with emptiness or chaos inside
  • No real sense of being yourself or as valid as everyone else
  • Self absorbed and needing attention just to get through the day
  • Self doubt > self hatred > self harming
  • Driven, striving with no rest in your soul - can't do space or quiet or being alone
  • Passive and drifting - can't make decisions, even 'simple' ones
  • Anger issues and passive aggression towards others
  • Hard hearted or detached: feeling walled off from others
  • Driven by a deep sense of shame
  • Struggling in my relationship with God, unable to relate to Him as Father


How are your relationships with others?

  • Fear of men, women, our peers, our families, our bosses etc
  • Emotional dependency: Feeling needy, unable to take personal responsibility
  • Co-dependency: Living my life through others, getting too involved in their lives
  • Defensively detached: unable / refusing to connect emotionally with others
  • Unable to say ‘no’ and keep appropriate boundaries
  • Finding it hard to be known and living behind a mask
  • Being a victim of abusive relationships
  • Anger or hatred towards women (misogyny) or men (misandry)
  • Avoiding relationships and ordinary social situations
  • Fear of commitment
  • Using other people for our own gratification
  • Unable to be a team player
  • Feeling excluded and uncomfortable in my own gender group


How are your sexual relationships?

  • Acting out with others promiscuously
  • Seeking anonymous sexual encounters
  • Being in fantasy - even most of the time
  • Using pornography, internet, DVDs, chat rooms, chat lines etc.
  • Sexual addictions
  • Not keeping my own sexual boundaries with others
  • Being a victim of abusive relationships
  • Fear of being sexually abusive to others
  • Using erotic literature and novels
  • Visiting or engaging in prostitution
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Cross dressing / Trans-sexuality
  • Fetishes, BDSM, voyeurism
  • Self-identified, unwanted, same sex attraction (unwanted homosexual or lesbian feelings)
  • Married to / dating someone dealing with any of the above issues


Are you looking for help?

Our courses are specifically designed to help people address these issues. Various churches around the UK run them. Please feel free to info [at] living-waters-uk.org (subject: Contact%20from%20website) (contact us), we'd love to hear from you.